Monday, February 25, 2013

Pier 23 - San Francisco, CA

Pier 23 was one of the more mediocre Triple D experiences I've had, but I will put a big asterisk beside this one. The reasons being: We ended up going during their off-season, at 3:00pm, on a Tuesday.  The food was okay, and the atmosphere was pleasant - but it wasn't all that memorable.  I would like to give this place another shot, preferably on a summer weekend, and I'd bet I would have a better story to tell.  The big problem is, I don't find myself in Cali all that often... so, to be continued, eventually.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Disturbing and Depressing Colouring Book

Slow's BBQ - Detroit, MI

Review to come...

Lafayette Coney Island - Detroit, MI

American Coney Island - Detroit, MI

Review to follow

Melt Bar & Grilled - Cleveland Heights, OH

Before I even ordered, I knew this was one of those places where my meal would go unfinished.  The monstrosity of the surrounding sandwiches could not go un-noticed.  I perused the ample beer selection and ordered my fist pint, Flower Power on tap - not too shabby.

The seemingly endless selection of grilled cheese variations stumped me for a while, but I decided to stay true to one of my favorite movies and ordered 'The Dude Abides' - a sandwich tribute to The Big Lebowski. A meatball and mozzarella cheese stick concoction complete with additional provolone and marinara sauce, (the whole thing) dusted in Romano cheese.  Of course, it showed up piled high with French fries... I think I may have eaten one just to try them.

The sandwich was fantastic as was the beer, a very good selection of US micro-brews (about 10 taps and plenty of bottles). I could only finish half of this monster sandwich, but was it ever good.  I would definitely return and recommend it to anyone in the Cleveland area. 

Deluca's Restaurant - Pittsburgh, PA

Nestled in the market district of Pittsburgh, Deluca's was a busy little spot on a Friday morning!  Always a good sign.

Now, when I look at the menu in a diner, my eyes always seem to gravitate towards the corned beef hash; this time was no different.  I find that the hash is a pretty good benchmark in judging a diner.  Deluca's effort was strong, not the best corned beef hash I've ever had, by far, but it was certainly passable. It did it's job, soaking up the leftover booze from the night before and leaving a notable grease stain on my fork.

Portions, huge. Coffee, fresh. Staff, polite and prompt.  If you're looking for a greasy spoon in the Steel City, by all means check out Deluca's, a true hard-working-man's, American diner.