Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rant: The BOB sign and why it bothers me

This morning I was driving to work and saw one of those "Baby on Board" signs hanging in a car window.  For whatever reason, this woke up the hamster in my head, the wheel started to spin... and today's rant begins.

I'm really not sure of the purpose of these signs.  Traffic accidents are just that, accidents.  We do not have the ability to pick and choose who we're going to hit or who is going to hit us.  I don't change my driving habits based on the sign hanging in your window, and I'm quite positive that no one else does either.  So why bother?  Is it as simple as someone wanting to broadcast the fact they have procreated? And if so, why?  Good for you, you've replaced yourself on the planet.  Do I care? No.  Does any other stranger on the road?  Doubtful.  So, un-suck your little self important suction cups and please, drive safely.

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  1. Anonymous26.8.10

    I'm with you. In fact, I get a weird sort of Pavlovian response when I see these things: there's an impulse to see the car as a target, and my foot longs to press the gas down, while I turn the steering wheel right at them.

    Then I wipe the drool away, shake my head, and continue on my merry way.