Monday, February 7, 2011

North Shore Jalapeno Peppercorn Bock

This formidable brew was concocted by the evil brain over at North Shore... (aka my friend Kurt's home-brew).  I must admit that this beer came with fair warning from the brew-master, but apparently some bottle conditioning was just the remedy to tame the beast.  It was actually pretty good.

It poured a dark translucent colour and had a peppery jalapeno nose with a light and limited head.  To taste, the jalapeno was prominent (but not dominant, as advertised) and there was a pleasant peppery finish. There was actually a very nice balance of flavours in this beer. I would definitely drink this again, but only one at a time.  On a side note, it went very well with the meats and cheeses in the background.

Read Rick's review of this beer here:

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