Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

Here is the gist... Mr. 80's himself, John Cusack tries to recapture his youthful, 'Better Off Dead' persona in this little thing they aptly named 'Hot Tub time Machine'.  This title does not leave much to the imagination - it's about a bunch of friends who get shipped back to the 80's when their hot tub becomes a time machine after someone spills an energy drink on the controls.  I would love to see the Mythbusters tackle that one!

I am not going to lambaste this movie because it is what it is.  There are a couple of chuckles, but I did not find myself laughing aloud.  There is plenty of vulgarity and awkward humour, but as you might imagine the story line is a little thin. I didn't hate this movie (now there's a glowing recommendation), so if you're in the mood for a mindless comedy, or have an uncontrollable urge to see some leg warmers and headbands - have at it!

Rating C

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