Monday, January 14, 2013

Melt Bar & Grilled - Cleveland Heights, OH

Before I even ordered, I knew this was one of those places where my meal would go unfinished.  The monstrosity of the surrounding sandwiches could not go un-noticed.  I perused the ample beer selection and ordered my fist pint, Flower Power on tap - not too shabby.

The seemingly endless selection of grilled cheese variations stumped me for a while, but I decided to stay true to one of my favorite movies and ordered 'The Dude Abides' - a sandwich tribute to The Big Lebowski. A meatball and mozzarella cheese stick concoction complete with additional provolone and marinara sauce, (the whole thing) dusted in Romano cheese.  Of course, it showed up piled high with French fries... I think I may have eaten one just to try them.

The sandwich was fantastic as was the beer, a very good selection of US micro-brews (about 10 taps and plenty of bottles). I could only finish half of this monster sandwich, but was it ever good.  I would definitely return and recommend it to anyone in the Cleveland area. 

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