Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rant: The Self-Important Motorist and Their Correlation to the Traffic Jam

In my estimation, it is only a small number drivers who cause traffic jams.  We have all seen them, and probably cursed them.  It is the discourteous, self-absorbed drivers who race up the right lane to merge at the lanes-end that slows everyone else down.  You know the ones, they usually have a coffee or cell phone in their hand; and because their schedule is more important than ours... we wait. Can I get a collective "Fuck You"?  I have cast many a scowl and the odd hand gesture to these drivers in my day - I mean, you wouldn't do this at the bank or grocery store, would you?  Now, when people dawn the armour that is vehicle - things change!  Everyone grows testicles and bad manners prevail.

Now in fairness, it is not always the fault of the right racer.  Often times, there is no room to merge prior to the lane ending; that is because every driver in the left lanes plays the 'let's see how close to the bumper I can get' game.  Relax, people.  Chill out, have some dip.  I know Oprah is on, but that is why they invented the PVR.  If everyone added a little respect, courtesy and spacing to their driving routine, it would make it some much more tolerable for the masses.

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